It ain’t nothing yea
100 round tool
Im clutching you
Baby im cool dont trust no body
Im too rude im too dam cocky
When lil faygo move they flocking
I gotta shoot i ain’t go no option
Up that too no im not boxing
This right here
I can’t play bout them commers
Ok rar shit all that drama
Choppa singing like madona
You gonna take her to Mcdonalds
Im gonna be at benihanas eating good with all my partners
Imma chop em down
Whats your number
She gonna let me get her number
Boy you broke well thats a bummer
Take a pick put i on tumblr
Im the main event this summer
Faygo came in with that thunder
Life went on and i got tougher
Know soem foe wanna put me under
I can’t let em do that
Choppa make you move back
Nigga like boy where your loot at
Gotta get to them racks
God knows that i can’t slack
Look at my toolie go blat
When i had her new that cat
But i can’t f**k like that yeah
No i can’t fall in that trap
No i can’t lack
Yeah baby lets go
Lets go lil faygo
I need a bankroll
No i can’t fold
No its not nothing new
Baby im still now loving you
You too slick can be trusting you
I cannot be fussing you
(fa fa fa) get to busting you
Now he chain tucking here
Got him ducking here
Take over your hole camp
Taxing like im uncle sam
He gonna do it all on cam
Hell yeah
Go ham
Ask her if i love her
And i said no mam