Yeah yeah yeah
Fuck it, got worse so I bought me a phone
Really don’t give a nothing on performance
Time cooking, all the niggas be smoking
I got niggas tryina kill me like beam
Got niggas really hoes for real
Killing my brother, how am I supposed to feel?
I ain’t gon’ lie, I’ll probably never hear
[?] ‘cause that was never real
I just keep on getting better
Every time that they saw me
Always money over bitches
Love how we saw ourselves in a rolls
I’ve been through so many lessons
They stop me niggas, I’m supposed to win
Pick up the bag and I’m gone in the wind
I remember I ain’t asked you
I remember I ain’t do much
I remember really day-dreaming about all the dreams
That they sold us
Dripping dripping dripping soap cream
I ain’t gotta do too much they notice me
I’d be tripping, [?]
I don’t worry bout the show
I’d be tripping doing too much
I won’t let them see me, I’d be too touch
[?] two fucks
But I got myself riding like two months
Watch all these niggas, they switch up
Yeah, they know how I get it, I’m too hurt