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Hello, wassup, hey
Watsky checking in
Watch me wash my pits
Watch me shed my skin
It’s okay if you are not okay, want to win?
Copy me, copy me
Monkey see see, see see
Back in the day when my girl said ”I wanna go to Nobu”
I had to say, “no, boo”
We don’t got the money, honey
But I had to go and go Goku
So no filler when I go Godzilla
Will I beat on the beats?
Well, it’s all Killer Tofu
Young Money, like it got real horny and it banged, doug funny
Made a pretty little baby out in sunny Californee and the boy went dummy
The other day I’m checking out the Eminem recond
I wanna love it but it’s making me sad
And we’re talking about the motherfucker that is the reason I was pickin’ up a pen and a pad
‘Cause I want to tell him he’s got nothing to prove
I can see that maybe I’m a stick in the mud
But I’m getting sick of all the negativity
All that I really want to do is give him a hug
And it got me thinking I could gather us, get together
With all the other rappers who are lackin’ in melanin
Go to the back of an alley
We could take out our peckers
Talk about which of our dick is bigger
Tickle each other with feathers
Everybody get into my elevator to heaven
I’m hella faded snapping like an alligator
Jumping out the water with a rocketpack on his back
And I’m back on the map from taking a nap