(Yung Lan on the track)
(Felipe S)
Yeah-eah, uh, uh
I, oh, oh, oh, I, oh, oh, oh

[Verse 1]
Took it to ten and another level
Screamin’, “f**k all that love,” steady runnin’ it up
Let her get me caught up, I’ll never let her
When they see me pull up in that double R truck, they’ll never just think that I been a felon
They would think all this fame what brought all the pain, been dealin’ with this since I was eleven
I’m at odds with his man ’cause I took off his brain
And I’m steady flexin’ and steppin’
I just went bought a new coupe
I ain’t feelin’ no pressure, cash out on a Lam’
Won’t be no comparin’ between me and you
Since sixteen, young nigga been rich
Nigga just turned twenty, still havin’ this shit
f**k everybody hatin’, I’m as real as it gets
Leave my sons with this money, I throw out the pitch (I got you forever, lil’ nigga)

On a long road (Long road)
I ain’t tryna find my way home (I ain’t tryna find my way home)
I believe I can (Believe), I know somewhere (I know)
I’ll find peace all alone (On my own)

Ayy, ooh
Ayy, ooh
Ayy, ooh
Ayy, ooh, ooh, ah

[Verse 2]
Drop off the bag and I pick it up
If you want me to do it, then it’s all for your love
I’ma stay in the house, I ain’t going to no club
In this bitch gettin’ it in, taking pain with the drugs
Ain’t no love in my heart, I woke up with a mug
Who the f**k is these hoes in this bitch? Get ’em out
Cuttin’ ’em off left and right, like a body, they fold
I don’t like how they rock, I’ma move ’em around
That’s for niggas and hoes, too
Say, “YoungBoy, after all, can you tell me why them people chose you?”
I really don’t know, fool
How the f**k did they find a young nigga who thuggin’
Who coming straight up out the bayou?
I ain’t murder them niggas, please show me your witness
You get out your body, I buy you
Ones that I love treat me like a motherless infant
Can’t say that I forever got you (I can’t)

On a long road (Long road)
I ain’t tryna find my way home
I believe I can, I know somewhere
I’ll find peace all alone

Ayy, ooh
Ayy, ooh
Ayy, ooh
Ayy, ooh, ooh, ah

Hell nah, I ain’t fold, I’m a rider
Never once I changed on my partners, my day ones
Finna take that pint and pour out the bottle
Thank the ones call me the G.O.A.T., but I’m the f**kin’ slime one, no