We started out late and watched all the others from behind
Through their rise and decline and what bored us in between
We dropped what we had
Or some cases we dragged it along
But in our minds
For us this was the beginning of time
I had one empty hand that never felt true touch on the palm
I left it out uncovered and it got cut open when they found out it’s vulnerability
When I figure out what’s wrong with myself
I can heal the wounds I like to show
You’ve seen them so many times
When I smiled at the wrong times
This sea before me I can pass
I can see past so I go
Writhing in this great sea

Wild to be afloat on the strips ripped from life’s pleasures
The sick treasure of a constant high makes this raft drift
And curve under it’s power
I’m drenched but loving the unknown source of this force
But my course leads straight to it’s mouth
I stand on new ground where nobody knows me
I begin again and it’s new
At first it feels good
And then the sensitivity is gone
I begin to lose faith
And it shows in my walk
I begin to let myself down
This last sea before me
I cannot pass
I can’t see past
I stand awestruck as I’m slowly dragged into it