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Time I’m tryna take my time
But the way you making me feel I can’t lie
Wanna show the whole world how u mine

So please don’t take my love for granted
I’m the type of girl that gives her heart so have it
But please be gentle with it cause it’s been thru mad shit
My heart saying is nah but I’m try’na fall in love

Yeah I wanna give it allllll
How did u get here?
Your not supposed to be here..
And now you in my arms
How did you get here
Your not supposed to be here

Be here
Not supposed to be here
That face
Those dimples
Any girl would wanna be yours
Thirsty for a refill
How ya love make me feel
Never been one to brag
But my nigga got me like that

I wish I had more time with you
But you know we both mad busy
Get a lil freaky on FaceTime with you
But Promise don’t take no pictures
Was in love with a fake ass nigga
Wasn’t looking to replace that nigga
But then you came and
Now you in my arms