Intro Speech
“The finest warrior this planet has to offer
I can sense no limit to his energy
Somewhere on a far away planet
A being exists who is my match
One who can rekindle my passion for battle”

Napoleon Da Legend [verse 1]
You heard about the pain you heard about the grief
You heard about my game I’m a certified beast
Smack a gossiper drinking a lager watch my saga
Continue countering contras like I’m in Nicaragua
Seeing notes like Lady Gaga singing at her loudest
You mocking our culture I’m making our people prouder
Erase the doubters take a bow to Siddartha I’m Power
Incarnated in a man I make a villain cower
Slightly melancholic selling rhymes to make a dollar
Crowds applaud em cause they really know what’s real about him
Project my aura out from Wall Street to project corners
Blasphemous challenge divinity make a god a goner
Grey skin defending justice what a great king
Still training ready for the challenges a day bring
Dearly depart ya daily I’m a target
But whats really scary is that I’m just barely getting started

Napoleon Da Legend [Chorus x2]
This is a state of mind prepared for my fate
Face ya fears erase the fear on ya face Jiren the great

Either you build or destroy I’m a kill and create
Watch the opposition disintegrate Jiren the great
Yo yo yo

Napoleon Da Legend [verse 2]
This the shit that got Jon Jones banned
No man lands you represent what I can’t stand
True power coming busting ya head with Nuke shower
Rush with the velocity that knocked down the two towers
It’s Jiren the shuriken thrower get some insurance I’m a purist
Y’all zombie got the vaccine that’ll cure it fought Berrus and I can put a galaxy in check
I came to collect your whole morality’s in debt doggie fetch
You an insect ya songs is incest
(Punch sound) thats chin check no argument been best
Swipe u like debit card and I ain’t set the pin yet
Take ya princess get the type of coverage Kim gets
Flick you with my index damage ya body structure
Blood gushing after-party flooded with some Russians
I’m solitary I don’t talk u do the commentary
Can never handle the weapons that PharaohGamo carry

Chorus x2

Outro speech:
“I am the dominator of the universe
Eventually I found there were none left who can face me
I came to know the torment of utter, all-emcompassing