No much has changed since part one…
This periods been a dark one everything escalated accelerated and aggravated, climate change deniers, flat earthers, fake gurus
And trained liars remnants of birthers
Keyboard warriors moving their cursors division and racism
Tikki torches erased wisdom biased police enforcement
Were all targeted heavy victims of marketing movie producers frolicking derogatory comments turned apologists
The music industry’s guilty of dumbing us down further
While gatekeepers block our more profound versions
Misusing the word culture to slowly drown its murder
Moral deficit deeper than that of the national budget

Mass incarceration why was Ronald Reagan heralded
For starting a drug war he helped supply?
Break families watching the helpless die selfish
Lies agents doubling as black entertainers, child molesters and rapists
They downpressed and withheld our wages
And failed to properly educate us no longer will we tolerate it
We gotta do it ourselves, eat better, live better, think better
Make better choices and judgement, work with each other better let’s flip this pyramid scheme and myth of the American Dream uphold the responsibility of proliferating and carrying genes
It’s starts today