Yo I’m stuck here
I say f*ck fear
I want a way out of this twisted place
By next year
Picture a nigga
Being old here
Marry a hoe here
Walking past these same roads here
f*ck that
I want the fame yeah
Peng ting to scream my name
Pleasures all to
Soak up the pain
Wonder what went on in
Whitney’s head
What caused Amy W to
Drink her
Way to death
What is time really
I know the people feel me
But the money doesn’t correlate
, I might just show the real me
I stay locked in my room
Like wow dude
, why this guy
Rhyming for
And why the f*ck is he
Even striving for
Why don’t you face your books
Why don’t you talk to God
Cause he don’t answer back
And that school is long
Why can’t I aspire like the guys you put on your pedestal
I put my shift in
But you tell me it’s all stressful
They say a bad penny turns up
But I’ll take a chance
With some more
To keep my worth up
Been stuck in the south for too long
To chase thongs
In a place where I don’t feel
I really belong
Is it wrong
I wanna bring my city to new heights
But like minds
If I make it
I’ll probably be despised
Cause at first they watch
But you became hot
And Those friends you once had
All of a sudden become dropped

They see the progress
And now they obsessed
Hypnotised with hatred
That’s what boosie said
And then it all becomes a blur
Enemies occur
Now you a night curse
Like They didn’t call you nice first
Had them lines fine
It’s your time
, now they wanna tell you now that
Ain’t the guy
Wanna get out
Taste of pie
Grab her thighs
Feel a vibe
Show her what I’m really like
Here in life
It’s all
Fun and games
People say now
That they’re artists
Slyly Funny
Cause They don’t know art is
Sparks a kid like Slick, to fit
Shit people live relate with
Take it
Yo And make it click
, so you become rich
And you can spread chips
With everyone that gets it
I guess
I wanna leave
With those fat asses
The happiness
Can’t succumb to drugs or fake love
Sell my soul in cold blood
f*ck that
I got morals cuz ;
Way out could never lead to sorrow
Slicks a leader
So how could He ever follow
The way out run smoothly
Can never use me
Or fool me
A true G
Never staying underground
I ain’t like most that roll around
Like Kano
Just a young rapper
With Cray flow
The Way out
So they know
Slicko yeah